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Trail Angels powered by Cairn the Load

Mark & Annette Anderson

Annette and Mark Anderson have found that living in the moment doesn’t need to be looked at as a destination, but a journey. Sometimes the journey takes a few unexpected detours and turns. How we react to life is a choice. While we can’t always control what happens to or around us, we can control the direction we choose to follow. Our goal is to Inspire, Grow, and Connect. We grow by gaining clarity while accepting that life’s less than perfect moments can be defining moments of learning. Personal and transformative growth should be a collaborative effort that comes from a village of those, not only those looking for hope but those who are willing to offer hope. We can all find joy in life’s journey. Our journeys are often difficult, sometimes unbelievable, but always fulfilling. Join our podcasts as we experience the journey of a lifetime.

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